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Rustic Paint Colors and Textured Wall Designs

In a rustic room, you’ll see a lot of natural materials. There will be a lot of old and reclaimed woods, stone, and metal. Because of this the color schemes of a rustic space will be made up of neutral shades and earth tones – white, greys, dark browns, iron black. Natural green shades can be mixed in by adding plants. So use that as inspiration when looking for rustic paint colors. Avoid man made bright colors – like bright blues, orange, and bright red.
Going Simple – Classic White
A Neutral Color: Go with white walls. This way any rustic pieces in the room, like exposed beams or wooden window shutters, will really stand out. Check out the bedroom in picture (1) – the white walls make the beams and the wooden bed the focal points in the room.
For a more modern and cozy look use a darker wall color. The bathroom in picture (2) has had its wooden wall panels painted black. Just like the white walls in the bedroom, the black walls in the bathroom contrasts well with the rustic brown mirror – making it stand out.
Rustic Wall Designs and Paint Ideas
Some ways of creating a rustic wall is to use stone or brick. The walls in the room can be made out of them, or you can decorate existing walls with stone or brick tiles. You can paint over them for a more toned down rustic look, just like the living room in picture (3). Wood is another design option. But use large log pieces – as seen in picture (4), for an authentic rustic look.
Exposed beams can also decorate the walls, not just the ceilings. They can be used as rustic crown molding, or to create a rustic support and valance over a window (5).
Another way to create a textured wall is with rough natural plastering (stucco) (6), or use wall paint to create textured finishes and effects (Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects) (7).
Subtle Rustic Walls
Tone Down the Rustic: If you have a small room with standard height ceilings, you might want to tone down the rustic walls so they don’t become overwhelming. One way to do this is to have half of the wall (top or bottom) using something rustic like stone, brick or wood. And have the other half plastered over and painted white – creating a rustic/modern combination design.
A Feature Wall: Another way to add some subtle rustic style to a room is to use a feature wall. This is one wall in the room that is decorated, say in stone, brick, or wood, while all of the other walls are simply styled – say painted in white. Because there is only one rustic wall, it really stands out and becomes a focal point in the space. Just like the hallway in picture (8), and the stone wall feature in the bathroom in picture (5).
This feature wall could be the headboard wall in the bedroom, the wall behind the TV, or you could create a stone chimney column in the living room. It could also be the backsplash wall in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

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